Piglet Combi from JorenkuPiglet Combi from Jorenku

Piglet Combi for pigs

Piglet Combi is not just pen bedding for piglets. It is the small but powerful alternative that can make a big difference in the piglets’ pen. By maintaining a dry and hygienic pen while also providing strong disinfectant properties, the product ensures optimal health and well-being for the piglets.

The product’s benefits

Piglet Combi is an effective pen bedding for piglets made from carefully selected raw materials designed to absorb moisture in the piglets’ pen. The unique composition reduces the basic reproduction number by combining the excellent absorption and disinfection properties of Staldren® with straw, moclay and potato flour.

The high absorption capacity, especially from rapeseed straw, gives Piglet Combi superior absorbency compared to other similar products on the market. This makes it highly drying on the pen floor and effectively prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. At the same time, the minimal dust production contributes to a healthier environment in the stable.

Therefore, the most common causes of umbilical hernia are prevented by keeping the piglet’s pen disinfected and dry. At the same time, the beneficial properties of Staldren® help reduce the risk of diarrhea, ensuring the piglets a healthier start in life.

Piglet Combi is spread in a  good layer before farrowing and can be used as needed until weaning. By humid conditions or problems with bacteria increase the amount.


It is available in bags of 15 kg and on pallets with 40 bags.

Want more information? 

Effektivt Landbrug has published an informative article (only in Danish) describing how our pen bedding for piglets effectively prevents umbilical hernias.

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