Piglet Combi from JorenkuPiglet Combi from Jorenku

Piglet Combi

Piglet Combi is the small alternative, that makes the big differense in the piglets’ pens by keeping it dry combined with strong disinfectant qualities.

The product’s benefits

Piglet Combi is effective pen bedding consisting only of specially selected material designed to absorb damp and moisture in the piglets’ pen contemporary with it reducing the bacterial level by supplying the good absorption and disinfection qualities of Staldren® with straw, moclay and potato flour.

Piglet Combi has a good absorption because it i.a. contains rapeseed straw, which has a higher absorption than cereal straw, that is used in other similar products on the market. Therefore, Piglet Combi has a strong drying effect on the stable floor and a good effect on spores and bacteria – contemporary with it acting as pen bedding with a minimum of dust.

Before farrowing spread a good layer of the product and continue until weaning. By humid laying areas or problems with bacteria increase the amount.


The product is available in bags with 15 kg.

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