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Jorenku A/S has developed a new disinfectant and desiccant ointment for skin repair and wound healing – Staldren® Salve.

Staldren® Salve from Jorenku

Head of Sales at Jorenku A/S Jamil Al-Shiekhly: ”We have received many inquiries, especially from people with horses, about our previous product Muksalve. Therefore, we have relaunched it in a new and improved version, which can be used for e.g., pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats.

What is Staldren® Salve?

Staldren® Salve is a specially developed ointment based on the good qualities of Staldren®, which means that the ointment, in addition to being disinfectant and desiccant, also binds ammonia and keeps flies away. All qualities helping to prevent infection of bacterium in wounds and cuts.

Staldren® Salve is spread directly on the wound until a scab develops. In this way, effective wound healing is achieved with a positive effect on e.g., ringworm. Among horses a good effect is also seen on malanders.

With Staldren® Salve visible results are achieved in a short time.

Staldren® Salve is available in tubes with 250 ml.

Further information:

Johnni Pedersen
CEO Jorenku A/S
Tel.: +45 56 21 40 70

Jamil Al-Shiekhly
Head of Sales Jorenku A/S
Tel.: +45 20 87 13 19

About Jorenku A/S

Jorenku A/S is a Danish company founded in 1991 by Johnni Pedersen, who still owns and manages the company. Jorenku A/S has since the beginning been a leading company in the hygiene and biosecurity product market with the main product Staldren®. After Jorenku A/S in 2017 acquired Dan-Liq, the company also produces liquid vitamin and minerals mixtures as well as organic acids. Jorenku A/S is situated in Denmark but exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.