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In Russia chicken feet are a sales product in demand and therfore it is crucial to shed light upon foot pad burns. Danish hygiene powder has been tested in Russia with good results. Russians are in demand of chicken feet. That is why, besides the well being of the animals, imperative for the producer’s outlets that the chickens are produced without burns on the pads of their feet.

Through experience the Danish Producer J.N Jorenku, Tappernøje, has determined this and the company has been intensely working through the past two years on registering, testing and selling their product Staldren to the Russian market; informs Jens Rasmussen who is the sales and marketing manager at Jorenku.

Staldren has been tested at farm level, in cooperation with local farmers, fodder producers, veterinarians and laboratories. In the experiments, 1-3 henhouses have used Staldren in comparison to 1-3 controlled henhouses without Staldren on the same farm explains Jens Rasmussen.

Good Results

According to the sales manager, Staldren has shown good results on chicken pad burns and higher growth and mortality rates, amongst other things.

We have evidence to show that chicken pad burns have dropped from 81 percent to 21 percent. Seeing as chicken feet are sold in great quantities in Russia it is quite significant for the producers to have these problems under control, he explains. The reduction in pad burns results from the fact that Staldren neutralizes and reduces the pressure of ammonia in henhouses. It is namely the ammonia which “burns” the pads, elaborates Jens Rasmussen.

Higher growth and lower fatality

As well as reducing pad burns, the experiments show higher growth and lower fatality rates. The daily growth rate has increased considerably. With Staldren the growth rate has increased by 50 grams per chicken on a farm which produces 5.000.000 chicken annually. The higher growth rates are a result of Staldren’s drying effect which provide a better environment for chickens, Jens highlights. According to him the experiments/tests also show lower fatality rates. The fatality rate has fallen from approx. 200 per day to under 25. The decrease is because bacteria are given worse “living” conditions because of the disinfecting effect of the product, he informs. The amount of Staldren used during the experiments has been 16-18 sacks of 25 kilo a piece informs Jens Rasmussen. Staldren can be used for all types of poultry.

Special Market

The sales manager continues on to explain that the Russian market is a tough one to penetrate. A large presence is required. However, the experiments combined with marketing taking place over the last two years have yielded a healthy position on the market.

Many fulloads of Staldren have already been sent off to chicken, swine and milk producers and we have had many reorders, concludes Jens Rasmussen who sees a great future potential in the Russian market.

Source: Effektivt Landbrug, d. February 20, 2010